Whether it's Public, Private or Hybrid, the cloud means delivering IT infrastructure (Iaas), platforms (PaaS) or software (SaaS) as a service. No matter which type of cloud you choose, you can be certain that ServerChoice will create an ultra-secure, reliable and high-performing solution. We appreciate that uptime is crucial for our customers and that's why all our cloud offerings come with fault tolerance and high availability as standard. When you team this up with our world-class, highly-resilient data centres and lightning-fast network, downtime really does become a thing of the past.


Hosted at our world-class data centres with up to Tier 4 resilience
Extremely resilient infrastructure
PCI DSS v3.0 compliant environments from a Level 1 Service Provider
Solutions designed and built to your exact requirements
24x7x365 Network and Environmental Monitoring by on-site NOC
Guaranteed SLA
Best-of-breed hardware
Industry-leading virtualisation technologies
Complete management by trained professionals
Your own dedicated, reachable account manager


Businesses that process, collect or handle credit card information must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Gaining compliance can often be a tricky and time-consuming process for those without a security background, diverting critical time and resources away from your business. Our in-house Information Security Officers and Systems Architects will work with you to ensure your cloud solution is PCI v3.0 compliant - meaning we can help take the hassle out of handling your sensitive data.

We have developed a selective on-boarding programme where we personally vet each and every business before accepting them onto our cloud platforms. This ensures our infrastructure remains a very low-risk environment for our customers.

Being a Level 1 Service Provider means we comply with the very highest PCI standards. We undergo rigorous annual on-site audits and quarterly network scans to ensure we stay as secure as possible.


Unlike a public cloud, our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an inherently secure and controlled platform and presents increased resiliency, scalability and flexibility. Our VPC is a virtualised environment where businesses can get all the advantages of a public cloud, without the risk. In short, our VPC offers high-security, enterprise-level performance without the cost of having your own infrastructure.


Security in the cloud cannot be underestimated, so we use the latest hardware and software from Tier 1 suppliers to make sure your cloud stays secure. When combined with our selective on-boarding process, it's clear we represent a much more secure environment than Public Cloud platforms.


Get all the benefits of cloud hosting on a completely bespoke basis with an infrastructure solution tailored to your corporate needs - your own Private Cloud. Unlike a Public Cloud, our Private Cloud solutions provide you with your own, secure environment and increased levels of power, performance and reliability. We can build in as much resiliency as is required for your business, including full disaster recovery with multi-site active failover. We believe that if your hosting solution performs the way it was intended you'll spend fewer hours on support calls, saving time and money for your business. With Private Cloud we won't offer you a cookie-cutter solution. Instead you get a best-fit infrastructure which means more uptime and better performance as a result.


Security is a crucial consideration for all businesses when deploying into the cloud. That's why all our cloud solutions are designed with protection in mind. We use dedicated hardware to create a ring-fenced solution, giving your business its own space. This dramatically increases security and guarantees performance levels as you're not sharing resources.


Hybrid clouds combine the best of both Private and Public cloud environments: the security and power of a Private Cloud with the cost-effectiveness of a Public Cloud. By strategically sharing storage or compute resources you can create a dramatically more cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on performance.