It’s a new year and time for a new blog! I’ve no doubt we’re all still stuffed with Turkey and chocolate, and everyone’s looking at immediately purchasing cloud and colocation services… right? Well, maybe not, but I do want to take the opportunity to talk about our ‘buying process’ and what I think makes ServerChoice stand out. So lean back, hold onto your food baby and read on. First impressions count for a lot and often it can be difficult to change someone’s perception of you once the seed is planted. It’s something we recognise and act upon at ServerChoice – after all, an initial contact is your first and often your only chance to prove yourself. The buying process can be defined as “a set of procedures used to identify a prospect’s requirements and how they can be met” but this seems to me like a very shallow way to view the subject. The buying process for us is a chance to really shine. A chance to prove our worth. A chance to stand out.

"5 stages of blah"

Before I go on and explain why I think our buying process and user experience is absolutely wonderful, let’s take a quick step back and look at how others in the industry view the said process. A quick search shows a whole array of cringe-worthy results, ranging from guides named “5 stages of blah” to nineties-style diagrams that look alarmingly like this original, satirical work of yours truly:

Figure 1: How NOT to sell to anyone. Ever.


Unfortunately, this kind of buying process is all too common, with pushy sales people and obtuse sign-off procedures to back it up. We’ve all been on the receiving end of this kind of buying process at some point or another. Of course some structure is required, but the buying process is inherently a very human procedure that’s been scrutinised and turned into something extremely harsh and regimental.

So why are ServerChoice different?

The reason I think ServerChoice is much better at creating a great buying experience is that we haven’t got ourselves caught up in algorithms and strict processes. We keep everything very natural and informal, yet still structured. When our customers call the telephone number on our website, they’re not greeted by a machine offering 5 sets of 7 options – instead, they come straight through to an experienced ServerChoice employee with whom they can have an actual conversation. The human element continues well after that initial contact: we work hard to understand our customers’ requirements, business goals and services so we can offer them a truly best-fit solution. I’ve lost track of the number of customers we talk with who’ve been quoted by other companies for solutions that are way more than what the customer truly needs. We strive to deliver the right solution first time and ensure it performs exactly as intended. In order for us to uphold this philosophy, it’s important that we really get to know our customers. Doing so gives us the opportunity to tailor a service that perfectly fits our customer’s needs and avoids the dreaded scenario of having to make tweaks after go-live.

What we don’t do is call customers twice a day to see if they’re ready to sign. Hounding your prospective clients is an approach that I think is only good for one thing: disgruntled customers. Instead, we do our utmost to create and maintain long-term, friendly relationships with all of our customers. Essentially, where our competitors are asking “What can we sell you?”, we’re asking “How can we help?”

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    • Successful data centre migration with FlexMove®
    • Reduced costs with FlexPower® metered billing
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    • Delivered a powerful private cloud infrastructure
    • Increased cyber security protection
    • Directly lead to better customer experience
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