Last week we outlined the pros and cons of a public cloud. This week private cloud gets the same treatment from our MD, Mark Boost…


As the name suggests, a private cloud is a cloud deployment where infrastructure is completely private to the organisation using it. This is the opposite philosophy to a public cloud, where the infrastructure is shared amongst multiple companies.

Typically, private cloud providers allow the environment to be tailored to your exact requirements, meaning you can have free choice on hardware vendors used to make up your private cloud platform. There would normally be collaborative design consultations between you and the cloud supplier to ensure environment is optimally configured to meet your needs.

With a private cloud solution you can be sure that no-one else is using your infrastructure, boosting performance and reliability. You also have control over where your data is stored which increases security and privacy. For organisations with sensitive data, data privacy and data sovereignty can be a vital consideration.

Private clouds will often come with a tailored Service Level Agreement (“SLA”), an added level of support and the option of partial or full management – reducing the burden on your in-house technical team.

The downside to a private cloud is usually the cost, as your service provider will need to make its money back on the investment into all of the dedicated components used to make up your private cloud.


  • Can be tailored to your exact requirements
  • Extremely secure - you know exactly where your data is
  • Dedicated Resources – 100% of resources guaranteed to be available for your use only
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreement


  • Cost – can be price prohibitive for smaller organisations
  • Resources are fixed and cannot be easily flexed up without adding more physical capacity


  • Hosting mission-critical applications
  • Hosting applications or storing data that requires a high level of security
  • Requirements that need a completely bespoke solution put in place

Come back next week for the third and final part of the discussion: hybrid clouds.

  • Deutsche Telekom (DTUK) Case Study
    Deutsche Telekom (DTUK)

    Case Study

    • Delivered a secure and reliable colocation solution
    • Successful data centre migration with FlexMove®
    • Reduced costs with FlexPower® metered billing
    Read the case study
  • Euroffice Case Study

    Case Study

    • Delivered a powerful private cloud infrastructure
    • Increased cyber security protection
    • Directly lead to better customer experience
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