Another week, another Top Five Ways to do something crops up. This time, it’s how to protect yourself from identity theft. Perhaps that’s good advice after all: PaddyPower recently revealed they’d been sitting on a data breach of over half a million customers for four years. No wonder then it turns out that us Brits are more likely to turn our back on a company because of a data breach as opposed to them exploiting workers or damaging the environment. Perhaps oddly for people who rightly want to keep their details private, the House of Lords have said the recent ‘right to be forgotten’ principle is unreasonable.


Security holes aren't always a question of intent: an HP survey found a vast amount of security holes in a variety of the oft-mentioned ‘Internet of Things’ devices. Elsewhere, Host Card Emulation (HCE) is looking like it could become a winning mobile payment technology, especially if Apple, who refuse to endorse NFC, get on board.

Sometimes security risks are intended, so anti-virus is a good thing, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. And malware is getting ever-more sophisticated: the latest version of Citadel leaves a backdoor open after it’s been deleted.