Security in the cloud will always be in the news, but the signs are that security is improving. And if you’re looking at moving to the cloud, here’s yet another top 5 things to look for. Looking at specifics, it seems 48% of IT execs think file sharing apps are actively leaking company data. And looking at the bigger picture, the European Commission is doing stirling work on standardising many areas of the cloud hosting industry.


There’s much talk around the next big data centre connectivity standard, but this week top dogs Microsoft and Facebook threw their weight behind a new standard for 25 and 50 Gpbs Ethernet. Though in more worrying news, 2% of data centre managers in the UK have just no idea where their data centre is or how it’s run.


Everyone’s read a ‘top 10’ article on how to avoid getting hacked, but what about dealing with the aftermath of an attack? The much-hyped anti-snooping Blackphone finally makes its way into human hands, but It might not live up to its reputation. Meanwhile, over at Bletchley Park there’s a hard drive loaded with every piece of malware known to mankind. This can only end well, right?