Cast a glance at the internet this week and it seems like there’s only one bit of infosec news: everyone seems to be going mad over Anthem. To be fair, it is a big deal – the US’ second largest insurer managed to lose almost all their customers’ details to cybercrooks. Which is quite depressingly impressive, really. ‘All’ here being between 60 and 80 million, so someone’s going to have to re-draw those ‘biggest hacks of XYZ’ infographics. Will these companies never learn? In related Big Breach news, the CIO of retail monster Tesco jumps ship to hack-ridden Target (remember them?), with the proviso that InfoSec is firmly his remit. The guy must really like a challenge.


ARM are stepping up their data centre game again with their new 64-bit A72 chip. Touted as ‘server class’, it’s a very capable CPU, but the ‘data centre revolution’ talk is all stuff we’ve heard before. For the last two years, in fact. Will this be different? Time will tell.

In mobile news, Android is full of adware and iOS releases a patch to fix over 30 security vulnerabilities. Which is just as well, as apparently it’s under a sustained attack.

Foxes are known for cunning and guile, and so is the cyptocurrency-mining “F0xy” malware. It even outsources its network traffic to Microsoft’s BITS. Clever.

Flash, meanwhile, is at it again: yet more critical security holes. Maybe it’s time to dump it altogether?


Fancy a new buzzword? Course you do. Here you are then: doxing. Will the word catch on? I do hope not. Oh, and if the blame game’s your thing, apparently Anthem is China’s fault and that big Sony pictures one was Russia, not North Korea.