So we’re only three quarters of the way through the year and there’s already a Top Five Breaches of 2014 list to make you shiver. Or if you prefer your information more beautiful, here’s a different one in graphical form. The big news, though, is the staggering multi-billion password breach by a Russian crew who effectively audited the internet. No profession is safe, it seems, as the ICO has had 15 complaints in the last three months about the legal sector. Some good news, though: Google are teaming up with Yahoo to increase email security.


We now spend more time fondling our devices than we do sleeping. BYOD may be to blame, but if you’re in a hotel room watch out: a hack exploit allowed a guy to own 200 hotel rooms. The biggest new for me from Blackhat 2014 was that two billion mobile devices are vulnerable. Lastly, it might not be a device, but it is simultaneously both cool and worrying: watch Security Guru Silvio hack a car’s doors in minutes.