Card news now, and though Amex is giving the idea of tokenisation a big boost, the new-ish ground of contactless is still throwing up security worries. A hotel booking company leaks the details of nearly four thousand people and gets fined over £7k by the ICO. They are watching! The problem was an SQL injection, one of the oldest tricks in the book. That massive breach at Home Depot exposed 56 million credit and debit card numbers (imagine the fun the ICO would’ve had with that), but blame’s being dumped on, bizarrely, Windows


What’s the biggest threat to cyber security? Hackers? Social engineering? Nope, apparently it’s something else, and I bet you can’t guess. Education certainly needs to be improved, as 1 in 8 of us don’t believe in cyber threats, according to Kaspersky. The bods at PandaLabs, meanwhile, reckon that around 158 pieces of malware are created every minute. Phishing, too, seems to be getting clever – what next? Well, for one thing, it turns out there are advantages to faking a data breach.