Western Digital’s newly(ish)-bought HGST rolls out 10K 12Gbps SAS drives. IBM, meanwhile, are busy throwing buckets of cash to keep Moore’s Law alive. On the software side of things, there’s a nasty bug that potentially can affect all Linux and Unix based OSes.


It’s another busy week for the ICO as the BBC's Panorama lost a USB stick with all sorts of private information on it. Up to 49% of UK businesses don’t know if they’ve been attacked or not and, In case you missed it, here’s a nice piece explaining how banks should play nice in the much-talked-about Personal Data Economy. Can the data protection cure sometime be worse than the disease? When it comes to fundraising, some people think so. On a lighter note, the arid subject of infosec is getting a much lighter touch on twitter.


The head of the PCI is stepping down and it might be time for stronger hand at the rudder? It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that data breaches are still common place, despite the PCI’s hard work...