In the wake of the ‘sleb iCloud account hack, here’s something interesting about brute force attacks. Some alarmist headlines might make you think gmail was hacked, but it wasn’t. Despite this, a tranche of UK/US passwords are out there, so it’s definitely a good idea to change your password. Whilst we’re on emails, you’d think everyone’s used to phishing attacks by now, yes? Alas, No.


Good news! Internet Explorer finally starts blocking old ActiveX controls. Bad news! BlackPOS spreads further, as Home Depot confirm they were a victim of this card-stealing nasty. G-Cloud, meanwhile, is in its 6th iteration and wants feedback on its security. Lastly, do you reckon finding 28,000 bank details online and blackmailing Lloyds Bank would work? No, nor us, but someone tried it and failed miserably.


A lost BYOD can be a security nightmare, or not. It all depends on what kind of secure cloud you have to back things up. Speaking of BYOD, it’s worth bearing in mind that your company might wipe your device – which happens once every three minutes. So now there’s finally an Apple iPhab, you might find a lot pictures of your cats and your food go missing…