The ever-watchful ICO publishes guidance on big data whilst scientists say the latest EU data bill will harm research. Despite these best-intention policies, there are studies saying that data breaches are inevitable. We’ve been saying for ages that the “We’re a small business so we’re not a target” argument doesn't stand up, and here’s some proof that cybercrooks know small businesses are an easy target. And – bad news – when breaches happen, it’s customers who foot the bill.

Who’d have thought that too much data might actually leave you blind to an attack? One novel infosec idea from a UK firm is to let hackers think they’ve stolen something valuable that’s actually a decoy.


How much is stolen card data worth? Turns out it’s about £15. And that includes a guarantee. Remember that enormous PaddyPower data breach? Well, they tracked down the details to a hard drive in a basement 3,000 miles away. And in case this is all enough to make you retire from an online life, it turns out you probably couldn’t delete all your personal data from facebook if you tried.


In case you missed it in the news, large parts of the internet can't remember how big it is. And finally, here's yet another story warning that data can be recovered from 'reset' devices.