“Happy New Year, it’s time to plan for the worst” might not be what you want to read – not least of all as it’s not the new year anymore – but it does make for sound advice. Here’s another dubious sentence: What does Britain have in common with Iran? They both want to ban encrypted communications. For the UK that would involve Whatsapp and iMessage. Vaguely on this subject, here’s a nice piece about Nation-state cyber threats. Not on the subject but just as worrying, the NASDAQ is apparently susceptible to XSS.


This week Google casually announced they’re dropping support for WebKit on Android devices 4.3 and below. So what? So that’s a billion devices at risk for web-based horrors. Nice. Elsewhere it turns out that Lizard Squad, nemesis of console gamers the world over, use hacked home routers to power their attacks. Speaking of home routers, they seem to be increasingly an easy win for the bad guys. Why won’t vendors and ISPs take security seriously?


A parting shot? “How not to be the next Sony.” Enough said.