The Apprentice returned to TV this week and brought the usual slew of besuited cretins spouting quasi-sensical business jargon. However, one quote caught my ear: the startling “privacy is dead”. With this still ringing in my ears, I’m starting off this week with a nice piece about the personal data ‘great cyber war’. Well worth a read. And related to this piece is the premise of hacking your home via your washing machine.


I can’t ignore the POODLE SSL issue; indeed no-one should. Following the post-heartbleed trend of exploits becoming brands (q.v. Shellshock), the weakness in this 18-year-old encryption standard has a snappy name and many people jumping up and down about it – but how bad is it really?


In the US, it’s a case of another day, another horrible retail breach of card data. The way to stop this would be simply to switch to chip-and-pin, as Europe has done with very positive results, but alarmingly, they probably won’t. Elsewhere in the world, there’s a Russian Cybercrime HQ, and it’s going into overdrive.

Businesses beware: it’s not just your live systems that are at risk of attack: one bank lost two backup tapes and had to fork out over half a million quid. Let’s finish up with a nice infographic: a visual guide to the biggest data breaches in the last few years.