Bad news if you live in Stratford: there’s a very good chance that your personal details are on the internet. The Goodwill POS data breach in the US has already been covered and they even named the contractor who got hacked. But here are some interesting details: turns out they’d been hacked on and off for 18 months, and the POS software that was breached was in fact PCI compliant. Speaking of PCI, they’ve just released some advice on card-skimming prevention. And here’s something no CSO should ever forget: when it’s not accidental it’s deliberate.


With the sound of the launch of the new iThings still ringing round the internet, there are some bombastic headlines claiming Apple Pay could end data breaches. Hmmmmm. We’ll believe it when we see it. Atiny-but-mighty banking trojan puts the likes of HSBC and JP Morgan in its sights; it’s been doing the rounds in smaller countries for a while but has now aimed itself at the US. With the UK low on cyberskills, it might just hit hard over here too.


More Android doom: 75% of devices are susceptible to a web-snooping bug. And on the other side of the coin, there’s an app that lets you spy on people’s chat. Oh, and some clever types have hacked a printer and got classic 90s Martian shoot-em-up DOOM running on it. Yup, that’s right: on a printer.