It seems humans are again the weakest link this week, with online dating websites and apps means we splurge an incredible amount of personal data. If you need further proof that us fleshly mortals are doomed, it turns out quite a number of us would happily install malware if paid a measly cent. And if you remember the private firm that leaked personal data of thousands of patients, turns out they were using Google Drive to store it.


Containerisation, the Linux wunderkind of virtualisation, was dealt a blow this week with Docker reeling from its first major security upset.


Navigating cloud security can be tricky, but here are three questions to ask. No-one can deny that security is important, but anyone who thinks it isn’t paramount to the future of the cloud should go ahead and ask Code Spaces what they plan to do next.

Data Centres

We’ve known for a while that using data centres reduces overall carbon usage, and Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) have recently been extended to data centres.