Let’s start off this week with a quote: “The criminals are more focused than we are”. Or so says the PCI Council as they sum up a bad year for card data security. But what new tech lies ahead? Elsewhere, a UK GOV Northern Irish website made the mistake of leaving a door open… the front door: described in the article as “not so much a data breach as a data giveaway.” Quite. If you don’t want to be spied on by Russians, then change your default password. That’s the message going out as Britain races to take down a website showing hacked live cam feeds.


Google, meanwhile, conspire with BT to strip SSL off certain wi-fi-based searches. So much for Mountain View’s “Encryption Everywhere”, eh? Security bods Websense are warning healthcare organisations to keep a tight lid on their infosec operations for next year: apparently it’s going to get worse. And China, in another censorship step, have blocked an entire CDN – taking out, amongst others, HSBC.


After a hack you’ll be all-hands-to-the-pumps trying to get your business back on track. But in doing so you might lose valuble forensic data that could help you find out what went wrong. Lastly: what’s the average cost of a DDoS do you think? Well, apparently it’s a whopping £26,000…. per day.