“How was my credit card stolen?” isn’t a question you’d normally expect to hear, much less expect to ever ask. However, the answers make for interesting reading and throw light on how important it is for merchants of all types to think about security. PCI’s there for a reason, folks.


Stenography is an interesting subject from an infosec point of view, and here’s a nice article that outlines a (theoretical) method of using Siri to encode hidden credit card data. Elsewhere on the article font, the Huffington Post recently ran an article about the second Crypto War, and it included a nice bit of history. Well worth a read.


Everyone knows that ‘patch updates’ really mean ‘desperately fixing security holes’, but Oracle have excelled themselves lately. And just incase anyone thinks I’m having a bash at Orcale, there’s also bad news for Adobe, proud owners of the first major 0-day of 2015 and Verizon, who had a bug that meant anyone could own anyone else’s email account. Microsoft, meanwhile, go one worse and say some security holes just aren’t worth patching. Thanks, Redmond.


Visa ran a study asking Generation Z (what’re they gonna call the next generation?) when they think PINs and passwords will become obsolete. The respondents reckoned 2020, which is a bit early for your humble correspondent to agree with. As a solid Generation Y, I’m too busy using my minidisc as a doorstop whilst waiting for my VR headset. And don’t ask Generation X – they’re still wondering where all the moonbases and Sinclair C5s are.