Of all financial institutions expected to be safer than average, you’d think the European Central Bank to be secure, right? Wrong. Equally as worryingly, a third of UK SMEs have no plan in the case of a cyber attack. Could the next generation of credit cards be the answer to PCI-flavoured woes?


If you need proof that data breaches can affect a business’ bottom line, the ICO recently fined a travel company £150,000 for their breach. And remember Sony’s PSN data breach? It’s cost them at least $15 million. Despite personal data breaches coming from strangely-obvious sources, who do the UK people trust least with their personal data? Unsurprisingly, it’s the media.


Normally it’s Android that scoop the worrying headlines, but this time it’s Apple’s turn. iOS devices are riddled with hidden snooping functions, it seems. On the other end of the spectrum, Intel have created self-encrypting SSDs.