Lots of money lost this week: half a million Euros were stolen in a cyber smash-n-grab and elsewhere someone used gift cards re-programmed with stolen credit card data to go on a little spree. The Syrian Electronic Army hacked a Reuters page, thanks to a dodgy ad platform. Now, everyone loves – or hates – a good BuzzFeed quiz, but they could be eating up a staggering amount of personal data. There is some good news, though: the US and the EU are close to inking a data protection deal.

Data Centres

To the data centre now, and Intel are going to be offering up their design-a-chip service to more companies than just the big boys like eBay and Facebook. And whilst we’re here, take a look at a nice 5 things to watch out for in the data centre world.


And finally, a two-decade-old bug in the LZA algorithm has made it to Mars, courtesy of Curiosity. Whilst the options for hacking a Martian rover are limited, it can have more serious implications for us earthlings.