The big news this week is Regin, the so-called King of Malware. It has everything a malware could ask for: it’s clever, it’s nasty, it’s Government-made, and it covers its tracks. Find out more about it here and here. Next up is ‘When Good Apps Go Bad’: legitimate Android developers turned to a life of cybercrime after their app didn’t do as well as they’d hoped. Well, it's one way to make a living.


In patch news, both omnipresent website-slingers WordPress and Linux containerisation wunderkind Docker released significant updates that patched large security holes present in all previous versions. The WordPress XSS bug affected a staggering 86% of all installations.


Bad news for UK businesses: we apparently leg behind Europe in matters of risk and information security. I also found an interesting article on how the rise of consumer filesharing threatens business security. Elsewhere, the fallout from the staggering Home Depot breach is still, err, falling: they’re now subject to over 40 civil lawsuits. Ouch. Also in the international scene, no-one wants to be Sony Pictures right now: blackmailing hackers claim to have all their data. Yup, that’s right. All of it.

Let’s end on a positive: Coventry University are offering a National MBA in cybersecurity. Maybe there’s hope for the future yet.