Penetration testing is an authorised, methodical test of your online defences and works by simulating a real-world attack from both external and internal threats. Knowing the limits of your network security is vital to understanding and mitigating your vulnerabilities. Malicious hackers could strike at any time and the impact of losing mission-critical data, sensitive customer data or having system downtime can all have serious legal consequences – not to mention significant damage to your brand and financial health.


Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability scan is the first step of a full penetration test. Your systems are probed, using the same tricks and techniques that a real-world hacker would make use of, to find security holes and potential entry points. If left undiscovered and unfixed, these lapses would allow an intruder to gain unauthorised access to your systems.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test uses the knowledge gained in a vulnerability scan to attempt to gain access. The methods and technologies we use will be in-line with what you’d expect to find in a real-world scenario, so you’ll be able to identify and close any security holes before they become exploited.


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By proactively finding and fixing the weak points in your system we can save you a lot of time and money
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We will only proceed with clear, written confirmation and will provide you with a comprehensive report of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities we find
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We use industry-standard tools and methods to simulate a real-world attack
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We can deep-scan your network components and web applications for unsecured access points and instances of weak security implementations