If you're looking for an environment that's not only stable but also extremely secure, then look no further than our flexible colocation services. They offer a high degree of resilience with a large focus on security, all from within our two very own world-class data centres. These multi-million-pound facilities are perfectly positioned in a low-risk area along the A1 Corridor, within easy reach of the A1(M), M1 and M25 motorways, and are under 30 minutes by train from London King's Cross.

Security is treated with the utmost importance. Advanced physical and electronic controls are combined with comprehensive and effective policies to ensure your data and infrastructure have the security they deserve.


Two world-class data centres, offering up to Tier 4 standard resilience
24x7x365 manned security and GSM-backed intruder alarms
Comprehensive, all-areas CCTV
Advanced Access Control Systems
PCI DSS v3.0 compliant environment from a Level 1 Service Provider
Minimum of N+1 redundancy across all major components with no single point of failure
Dual 32A power feeds to each cabinet and higher density options available by request
Back-up generators with fuel on-site and re-fuelling contracts in place from multiple suppliers
Resilient, highly energy-efficient battery UPS systems
State-of-the-art energy efficient cooling technology, with target PUEs of 1.2 at full load
Resilient VESDA fire detection & FM200 suppression
24x7x365 Network and Environmental Monitoring by on-site NOC
Carrier neutral facility with fully diverse fibre infrastructure and multi-homed connectivity
Tightly controlled environment with regulated temperature and humidity, and leak detection
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Flexibility is a key consideration when looking for a colocation provider, so we go the extra mile to design a colocation solution that's the right fit for your business needs. That's why we offer a variety of sizes, from a quarter cabinets right up to private suites. If you have specialist needs, we can also retrofit our standard 46U cabinets for other form factors, such as HP 3PAR.

Fast, resilient connectivity is high on anyone's agenda when looking for colocation. ServerChoice's data centres are carrier neutral, with multiple Tier 1 providers on-site. We've invested heavily in our own all-fibre network, meaning we can deliver multiple Gigabit connectivity with extremely low latency - and all with no single point of failure.


For peace of mind, our trained professionals are never far away. If you require help or expertise, our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is on-hand 24x7x365. Pro-active monitoring systems constantly check our colocation network, fibre links, transit providers and routers/switches. In the unlikely event of an issue occurring, our NOC team are on-site ready to respond without delay. If you need someone to take away the burden of managing your colocation hosting infrastructure then you might consider our managed colocation services - enabling you to fully outsource the management of new or existing infrastructure to our trained professionals.

Our engineers are trained and qualified to carry out all of the usual tasks relating to managing complex infrastructures, and a package can be developed to suit your exact requirements - helping reduce your costs, workload and stress.



FlexPower™ is a better way to pay for your energy, as you're only charged for your exact consumption. We meter your power use and charge perkWh to help you keep costs to a minimum. On top of this we provide sophisticated metrics, graphing and trends on your energy usage - so you can make better-informed decisions about the IT you use within our data centres. We also provide free consultancy on energy efficiency methods and best practices, so you stay ahead of the industry.


FlexMove™ is our free relocation service, designed to take out the hassle and cost associated with moving data centre providers. These worries have been cited as the number one reason businesses stay with their incumbent providers, even when they're offered a better deal elsewhere. But thanks to ServerChoice, this no longer has to be a stumbling block. Not only will we provide a professional relocation of your physical hardware to our data centres, we will also meticulously plan and manage the whole project, all at zero cost to you.