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Moving data centres is easier than you think

Cloud services have grown rapidly over the last decade, with Gartner predicting that global spending on cloud services is expected to reach $332.3 billion in 2021 – a 23.1% increase from 2020. But with all the hype around cloud, many businesses are not properly exploring their options in the data centre market. Colocation can reduce your costs, increase your uptime and simplify maintenance – all without the headache of wholesale service re-provisioning and data migrations to the cloud.

Many businesses are afraid to move from their data centre as they are wary of the short-term impacts of changing their IT infrastructure and the relocation process, even if it would be more costly in the long term to stick with their current provider.

What’s to be scared of?

In today’s world, server downtime can lead to missed sales and reputational damage, so it’s understandable why some may be afraid of switching data centre provider. When speaking with customers, we typically find that hardware relocation is one of the main reasons why businesses stay with a data centre provider, even when they’re unhappy with the service.

On top of this there are often fears surrounding latency, data loss and security, which are all legitimate concerns given they have the potential to negatively impact your business and the bottom line.

2 engineers looking into a server rack in a data centre

A missed opportunity

However, despite these concerns, switching data centres is much easier that you might think, and also presents numerous benefits.

When migrating from on-site infrastructure to a data centre, businesses quickly benefit from the economies of scale that data centres provide. This results in reduced operating costs, including lower personnel costs, equipment maintenance and utility bills. The crucial factor here though is the increased uptime and peace of mind that will result. Data centres provide a perfect environment for IT infrastructure: UPS-backed filtered power, cooling and resilient connectivity. Your business is more stable with your infrastructure in a data centre.

There are also benefits to be had when moving your infrastructure from an incumbent provider to a new data centre partner. In addition to escaping legacy contracts and getting better SLAs, moving to partner with the most up-to-date security measures is one of the fastest ways to increase your data security.

The migration process itself also presents the opportunity to assess and then maximise efficiency, as the planning and process of migrating to a data centre allows you to evaluate what your IT infrastructure requirements are and weed out inefficiencies that may have been previously unchecked.

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Migrate with FlexMove®

The truth is that migrating data centres doesn’t have to be disruptive or costly, and it can bring real benefits to your business. ServerChoice recognises this, so since 2015 we’ve offered our professional hardware migration service, called FlexMove®. So far it has helped over 60 businesses move quickly and effortlessly from their previous provider to one of our world-class data centres.

We’ve purpose-built transportation cases to move your hardware, while our highly skilled data centre engineers handle the whole process to make it as smooth and efficient as possible. With FlexMove®, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected against all potential risks.

If this alone doesn’t give you peace of mind, the service is both comprehensively insured and completely free.

Why should I change?

You may be in a contract with a data centre provider that hasn’t been tailored to your specific requirements. We provide data centre solutions that are flexible and scalable, so you don’t have to be a massive enterprise to benefit from cost efficiencies. We also have state-of-the-art security measures and flexible power options.

Some of our customers

  • Deutsche Telekom UK - ServerChoice Customer
  • Euroffice - ServerChoice Customer
  • VisitBritain - ServerChoice Customer
  • Konica Minolta - ServerChoice Customer
  • Formula One Autocentres - ServerChoice Customer
  • Seajacks - ServerChoice Customer

The FlexPower® and FlexMove® initiatives really made them stand out from the competition. Not only did they reduce the number of cabinets required, they also save us money on our power consumption going forward.

It's vital for us that we achieve the highest level of uptime and ServerChoice have consistently delivered a service that meets the demands of our organisation.

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